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Chickens and other Dinosaurs
We recently went to the BOSTON SCIENCE MUSEUM where they have a lot of incredible things to see, including dinosaur skeletons, models, etc.

Did you know that CHICKENS are descended from DINOSAURS?

That's right! And, they haven't' changed much since their prehistoric ancestors first roamed the planet millions of years ago!

The next time you look at dinosaur footprints, think of the prints your hens leave in the mud after a rain - they're eerily similar! In fact, "dinosaur" is a pretty wide term for a lot of genetically diverse creatures that dominated the Earth for hundred's of thousands of years. For example, the time period between humans and Tyrannosaurus Rex is less than the time period between Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus.

Some branches on the tree of the various types of dinosaurs died out and the genetic line went extinct, but some lived on and are still with us today!

A trip to Boston and a revelation about Chickens
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The skull of a more recognizable dinosaur on display at the
Boston Science Museum
A Chicken skeleton on display at
Boston Science Museum
Paleontologist Jack Horner is one of many who have advocated theories of dinosaurs not as scaly lizards, necessarily, but as possibly colorful feathered bird-like creatures - challenging the traditional theories of what a dinosaur really looked like.

But Horner is pushing yet into new ground. He claims, and is working toward, reverse engineering a dinosaur from a CHICKEN!

And, of course, we love chickens almost as much as we love science and challenging the staus quo!

We encourage you to peruse some of the links provided and learn more about dinosaurs and the efforts of modern-day pioneers of science like Jack Horner...

It's not hard to imagine elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, etc. as dinosaurs that have continued in their evolutionary development.

Birds too "are the direct evolutionary descendants of dinosaurs, and thus dinosaurs themselves in a very real sense." (Sampson, S., Dinosaur Odyssey, 2009).

It shouldn't, therefore, be surprising that chickens contain dinosaur traits in their DNA because chickens, like all the other birds, are living dinosaurs!.
We've selected some books by Jack Horner and others to help you persue the ancestry of chickens and other dinosaurs...
Chicken footprint found in backyards across America...
Anchisauropus and Grallitor Footprints
found in the Connecticut River Valley
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