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portraits and prints
When her granddaughter began raising chickens, Jill was instantly hooked by these fascinating creatures and began applying her craft to capturing the inner bird with palette-knife and brush. "(Chickens) have so much personality. They are great fun to watch." Jill interprets the energy of each bird with energetic brush strokes and a developed palette-knife technique.
No one can capture the spirit and uniqueness of every bird like Jill Musser - Now you can have your favorite bird captured for posterity in oils by this celebrated artist!
Portraits in Oil by Jill Musser
About Jill Musser:

Colorado native, Jill Musser grew up in Ft. Collins and now lives in Lyons, Colorado. Since 1995, Jill has been showing in galleries and in solo and group exhibitions. Her work has received numerous awards including Best Traditional Artist and Best of Show. Her work can be found in private collections across the country as well as in corporate collections (including the collection of McGraw Hill Publishers, Columbus, Ohio). Jill majored in Fine Arts at Colorado State University and has participated in Workshops and studies with artists Ray Vinella, Kim English, Skip Whitcomb, Scott Christiansen, Teresa Vito and Jeanne MacKenzie.
We are proud to offer the work of this fine artist.
Approximate turnaround: 4-8 weeks.

Shipping is included with pricing (within the USA).
An established artist working in oils, Jill Musser has been exhibiting her fine brush and palette still life and animal portraits for more than 15 years. With a unique expressionist approach, Jill manages to capture the mood and complexity of her subjects like few other artists can. She truly captures the inner soul of each bird on her canvases, which are alive with color!
You love them and can't get enough of them - now you can preserve them for all time in oil on canvas!

That's right, you can have your favorite bird(s) immortalized by renown artist Jill Musser!
Exclusive to TheNewDog.com !
By providing pictures of your subject bird(s) to the artist, you can have customer portraits in oils to cherish forever !
Jill Musser
How to commission a portrait in oil
Purchaser must mail or email three quality photos of the bird, one in a general setting position, one close-up (preferably, of the whole bird) and a third, close-up of the face.

A down payment equal to 50% of the portrait price is due upon commissioning your portrait. The balance is due upon approval of a photo of the painting.
8"x10" Portrait
14"x18" Portrait
16"x20" Portrait
Have additional questions or a special request for the artist? Click email link below...
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All portraits are shipped unframed.

Note: These are standard sizes, and thus easy to frame.
Pricing for brush and palette oil on canvas custom portraits by Jill Musser