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While chicken's are hot, we felt product offerings for the chicken enthusiast were lacking. And while there has always been products with poultry themes, we have been trying to collect them under one "roof", thereby eliminating the need to search the web endlessly. Are we a storefront for these products? Well, yes and no. While we stand behind all purchases made, we do not inventory most products. Rather, we are a portal to the vendor, who ships direct (No, not from China!). We have taken great care to find affiliates with established names and reputations and brand-name products at fantastic prices.
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TheNewDog.com is a small, family run "venture". Strictly internet-based, we make our home in Windsor, CT, a suburb of Hartford. While our "business" is headquartered in Hampton, VA. Like many who might chance upon this site, we are still new to chicken raising. We started as proud "parents" to a small flock of Orpingtons that we first brought in for fresh eggs only to discover their charms as loyal, lovable pets, for more thanthree years now. We have added to our flock to include a Barred Rock, A Black Orp., a Wyandotte and a Speckled Sussex. Our kids, aged 9 and 11 have been actively involved with raising out hens since we first purchased the newborn chicks online. In watching them grow and trying to determine their needs, we have read numerous books and surfed the web to discover many valuable sites. Both the books and the sites are shared here with you on TheNewDog.com.
While there are many great sites for information on breeds, care and maintenance, there appeared none dedicated to the celebration of the species. None that could provide a single source for all things "Chicken". Thus I, a father who did not want a dog, but gave in to the demands of my kids and now sleep with a Bijon on my bed; who did not think chickens were "a great idea", but now find myself going the extra yard to tuck them in on cold New England nights; decided to develop a website that celebrates this noblest of pets. The idea being to find a variety of interesting things, at the best price, and to offer them direct from the sellers, make a small profit, and to be able to make a difference in the way chickens have been reduced to an expendable commodity by the commercial poultry industry. A cause, championed by my daughter, that I too have now taken to heart. Our feeling, which I'm sure is shared by many who are reading this, is that if we are to consume meat, we must never lose respect for the animal that gave up its life to help us sustain ours. And we must do what we can to endorse and support the ethical treatment of all commercially raised livestock.
Q: What is your relationship with the people, companies, etc. whose products you are offering?

A: While sourcing products that interested us and hopefully would interest our "audience", we first tried to determine if the providers were affiliated with a marketing network (such as Amazon, Commission Junction, ClickBank, etc.), were offering their product(s) in another fashion (via the internet, direct sales), or if they were amicable to creating something specific for this website. Affiliates with network presence were the easiest to "latch onto". Convincing them to take a chance on our approach or to see how the ir products fit into the overall philosophy of this site's publisher took some effort, but we did manage to get most of those we approached "on board". Developing others is a work in progress and will continue to be more demanding and, we suspect, more rewarding. We are very honored to make connections with artists and crafts-people working specifically with us to help us deliver on our over-all goal of having unique product offerings. A goal we will continue to persue, hopefully, with help of all who support this site.
Q&A About TheNewDog.com
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Why TheNewDog.com?
A Father's motivation/inspiration
Whether or not you share our dedication to this cause, we hope you share our love for what may very well be man's new best friend - the noble and lovable hen (yes, and roosters too)! And sincerely hope you enjoy TheNewDog.com!
Thus, a percentage of all TheNewDog.com's profits are being donated to established and dedicated organizations similarly working toward this end (cluck here for details).
By buying an item offered through Amazon.com on our site, you get the same price that you would going to Amazon directly + you help a small family-owned operation (TheNewDog.com) to prosper and expand out offerings and, you help us promote humane poultry farming!

10% of TheNewDog.com's profits are donated to not-for-profits helping to eliminate cruel or unsustainable poultry raising practices
About our affiliate "partners"
Q: The bulk of the items being offered appear to come from Amazon, so why would I buy through TheNewDog.com and not from Amazon direct?

A: While we try to offer variety, Amazon is the largest source for product in the world. Amazon is not a store, per se, but a network store-front for companies large and small with all types of products. Our goal is to provide you both choice and best price. Often sellers in the Amazon network are offering it for less.
Do you have a unique product or an idea for a product that would be appropriate to this site? Email us below - we'd love to work with you.

Do you have a worthwhile cause or useful site you'd like us to promote here for you (please keep within the theme...)? Let us know by email below...
We have wroked to assemble reliable products from reliable vendors. All our offering come with guarantees from the vendor. However, if for any reason you feel less-than-satisfied with a product or transaction - let us know. We stand behind you, as well, and want to address any and all concerns.